Made in U.S.A - THK Manufacturing of America manufactures and ships Linear Guides based out of
Hebron, Ohio. Our company name "THK" stands for " Toughness”, "High Quality", and "Know-how." We
aim to contribute to the improvement of society and development of industry by focusing on these three
principles in our technology development and product manufacturing processes.

Linear Motion
THK Manufacturing of America is a leading manufacturer of Linear Motion Guides, ball screws, bearings
and joints, which are used in various types of industrial, robotic and production machinery. THK holds an
outstanding competitive advantage over other manufacturers of Linear Motion Systems due to its ability
to innovate and integrate highly technical manufacturing solutions.

Link Ball
We also use our technological expertise in link ball joints to provide automotive solutions with durable,
light-weight stabilizer bar and ball joint components. With superb abrasion resistance and large oscillating
angle, this product is suitable for the link motion mechanism of various types of automated machines.

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